The Moldovans have high expectations of the political parties which, lately, have discredited their image: more attention to people, well-paid jobs and increased salaries and pensions, according to the survey conducted by the sociopolitical research company "Intellect-Group".

Thus, 93% of respondents believe that in the society should be held a serious discussion about how to make politics and about the reform in politics. Meanwhile, over 70% have shown interest in these subjects. The most important changes the population expect from politicians are to pay more attention to people (23%); provide better paid jobs (21%); higher wages, pensions (17%).

At the same time, people expect major changes to the electoral and political system in Moldova. Over 90% of those surveyed said they wanted the decrease the number of political parties and MPs, and 78% opting for a uninominal voting system in parliamentary elections.

64% were in favor of a mixed electoral system. Almost half of all respondents are in favor of introducing electronic voting, and over a third - to vote by correspondence. 58% of respondents believe that the uninominal vote would provide equal conditions for all.

In the latest initiative of Igor Dodon, the amendment of the Constitution, to have more possibilities to dissolve Parliament, people's opinions are divided. Thus, 36.5% believe that through this initiative Igor Dodon wants to take down a corrupt power, while one third believes that the president wants to obtain, thus full power in the state, and 21% believe that Russia will control in this way Moldova. It is worth mentioning that the investigations in the field were conducted before the official announcement of Igor Dodon's intention on amending the Constitution.

In the survey participated 1,300 respondents across 35 geographical regions. The interviews were conducted at home, in the period February 10 to 20. The sample is representative for the adult population of the Republic of Moldova,, with a maximum error of +/- 2.7%.