Socialist Party is the most popular right-wing party in Moldova, according to a survey presented today by the sociopolitical research company "Intellect-Group".

Respondents were asked if in Moldova there are some right-wing party that represents their interests, they like and in which they find themselves. Thus, 48.8% gave a negative answer, while 47.7% - the positive one.

Asked which is this party, 22.2% of respondents answered - PSRM.

The socialists are followed by PAS (20.5%), PDM (17.1%), the "DA" Platform (13.4), Communist Party (5.3%) and PL (5%). Other parties got less than 5%.

In the survey participated 1,300 respondents across 35 geographical regions. The interviews were conducted at home, in the period February 10 to 20. The sample is representative for the adult population of the Republic of Moldova,, with a maximum error of +/- 2.7%.

We specify that PSRM is a party of the left. According to the party statute, PSRM is called to defend the interests of employed workers in intellectual and physical labor, of the collective and individual producers, whose source of income is his own labor and property, and the socially vulnerable population groups. The main purpose of political party activity in Moldova is building a democratic socialist society.