The PSRM MPs submitted today another simple motion, now against the Minister of Transport, Iurie Chirinciuc. The Socialists claim that in area are several issues that the ministry's leadership refuses to resolve.

"Unfortunately, we are witnessing a disaster in the transport sector, especially in railway freight and passengers. Due to mismanagement by Mr. Chirinciuc of the transport system and road infrastructure in Moldova, we are forced to take a stand against the lack of performance and continue faults that he committed," said the Socialist MP Vasile Bolea.

According to him, the situation in "Railway of Moldova" is disastrous and the company employees do not receive salaries for six months.

"Arrears on salaries exceed 130 million MDL. Similarly, the National Auto Transport Agency (ANTA) needs to be reformed, which was not proposed by the minister so far. They consume enormous money. ANTA average salary is 22 thousand, and the effect of this agency work is virtually zero," added the Socialist.

We remind you that last week the Socialists submitted a simple motion against Minister of Health's activity, Ruxandra Glavan. This was discussed at the meeting yesterday, but was rejected.