The President Igor Dodon presented this evening on his social account the list of candidates for ambassadors of Moldova, accepted after a meeting, this afternoon, with the Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

"I discussed with the Prime Minister Pavel Filip this afternoon on the proposals on the appointment of ambassadors.

I exsspresed my reservations about certain names from the list originally proposed by the Government, reservations that are based on solid arguments. I treat this subject very seriously and I sincerely want that Moldova will be represented abroad by personalities who have the skills needed to promote the best interests of our country.

As previously announced, I do not want to block in any way the diplomatic activity of the Republic of Moldova, abroad, but I am committed to carefully analyze each candidate for the position of ambassador and even to come with my proposals, where I see fit, both in terms of the appointment of ambassadors and also of their recall from their positions."

During the discussion was tackled the subject of the withdrawal of ambassadors and appointing 10 of 17 potential candidates. Dodon accepted the request of the procedure launching with amenities for a group of candidates for the position of ambassador of Moldova as follows.

The list of candidates and countries:

1. Dl Andrei NEGUTA – Moldovan Ambassador to the Russian Federation;
2. Dl Aurel CIOCOI – Ambassador of Moldova in the US;
3. Dl Victor SOROCEAN – Moldovan ambassador to Belarus;
4. Dl Victor OSIPOV – Moldovan Ambassador to the Republic of Austria;
5. Dl Emil DRUC – Moldovan Ambassador to the French Republic;
6. Dl Victor MORARU – Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Moldova to the United Nations / New York;
7. Dl Anatol VANGHELI – Moldovan Ambassador to Greece;
8. Dna Violeta AGRICI – Moldovan ambassador in Spain.

The discussions between the Presidency and the Executive on this subject will continue.