The President Igor Dodon will appoint in position of Secretary of the Security Council and advisor in the same area a SIS officer. It is about Artur Gumeniuc, a career officer in the Security and Information Service.

Artur Gumeniuc held during communist governance many important functions in the institution: Head of SIS in Chisinau, member of the SIS College.

The Supreme Security Council is an advisory body, which analyzes the work of ministries and other central administrative authorities in the field of national security and provides guidelines to the President of the Republic of Moldova in matters of foreign and domestic policy of the state. By law, the Government and public administration authorities presents the Supreme Security Council the necessary information to operate and grants multilateral assistance.

The numerical structure and nominal attributions of the Supreme Security Council and its work program is approved by the President. The composition of the Supreme Security Council is formed from, ex officio, the President of the Parliament, the Prime Minister, the Chairman of the National Security, Defense and Public Order of the Parliament, the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Director of the Security and Intelligence Service, the Attorney General and Governor of the Moldovan National Bank.