The leader of the Party of Socialists, Igor Dodon, is a favorite for the president's position. At least this results from the survey done by the Association of Sociologists and Demographers.

According to the survey for Igor Dodon would vote 36,2%, followed by the PAS nominee Maia Sandu with 16,1%, Andrei Nastase (PPDA) with 13,9% and Marian Lupu (PD) - 12,4%. These four are followed by the PPEM president Iurie Leanca - 8,1%, Dmitrie Ciubasenco - 3,6%, and the PL leader, Mihai Ghimpu - 1,3%.

For other personalities will vote 8,4%.

The organizers of the survey hold that for the moment these are some tendencies. It will be more real when all the candidates would enroll because some of them already began the electoral campaign.

The survey was conducted from September 2 to 10 and 1179 respondents from 77 localities were questioned.

In the same survey organizers asked the respondents which party would they vote for in the case of Parliamentary elections. According to the Association of Sociologists and Demographers seven parties would accede in the Parliament.

PSRM - 25,6%

PAS - 12,8%

PDM - 11,0%

PPDA - 9,5%

PCRM - 8,2%

PPEM - 7,3%

PL - 5,1%

PLDM - 2,5%

PPM - 2,2%

PNL - 1,0%