The President of the Socialist Party, Zinaida Greceanii, argues that the citizens of the right bank should not pay the debt of the Transnistrian region. The statement was made today, at the end of a press conference in which the leader of PSRM announced the priorities of the formation for the spring-summer parliamentary session.

Asked by the photojournalist Constantin Grigori what she thinks of the historical debt of the Transnistrian region, Grecianii said that it should not be attributed to Moldovan citizens.

"The Transnistrian debt is not attributed to the Moldovan citizens on the right bank. It is apart. Yes, we are a united country, but this issue is to be resolved within the settlement and integration of the Moldovan state," she said.

We remind you that at a meeting last week between the Prime Minister Pavel Filip and the deputy chairman of the "Gazprom" Administration Board, Valery Golubev, the Head of Executive in Chisinau asked to be considered the possibility of transferring the debt accumulated by the Transnistrian region to LLC "Tiraspoltransgaz" and subsequently to the region's administration.

In turn, Golubev said that restructuring the historical debt can be accomplished only in conditions of payment for current expenses at 100%. At the same time, he said that the Moldovan government requests are to be examined by the new management of JSC "Moldovagaz".

Subsequently, in the Russian press appeared the information that the Russian supplier rejected the proposal: "Russia hopes to recover this money, so it wants to maintain its influence on Chisinau."

On 1 January 2017, the debt for gas supply in the Transnistrian region was 5,790,900,000 US $ or 88.6% of total debt of "Moldovagaz".