Massive movements in the parliamentary majority there will not be; at most four members could join another entity in the parliament, stated recently in an interview for Radio Free Europe, the honorary chairman of the Democratic Party, Dumitru Diacov, who said, among other things, that the statement of Marian Lupu on the submission of  the application for EU membership in 2018 was given in the electoral context.

Dumitru Diacov predicts that in the coalitions will appear several deputies, but things will not change very much.

"There will not be massive movements. Basically, the most MPs already decided. I do not exclude that two, three, four deputies can to occur within the coalition. We have several independent MPs who did not decided. The law says that for six months the MPs can not join an existing political group. It's been already six months since some deputies changed their political group," said Dumitru Diacov in the interview for Europaliberă.

In the same interview, Diacov talks about the possibility of application for Moldova's accession to the EU. All this in conditions in which the former President the Democratic Party, Marian Lupu said that this will happen in 2018.

 "It was all an expression during the election campaign. We can submit an application and I believe that I will be healthy and will be witness to this event, but when we jointly coordinate things. We can send a request out there, that will provoke a lot of smiles in Brussels: "Wait, folks, where are you and what kind of application?" The acceptance of the application is a bilateral path, Moldova they there and onwards. Therefore, it is a speculation and of the media: "But when will you submit the application? Next week? But he said that he will submit it tomorrow," said Diacov.

About the request to join the EU has also declared the former president of the Democratic Party, Marian Lupu when he presented his platform for presidential elections in autumn. "During the presidential term for four years to be possible to submit the formal application from the Republic of Moldova to obtain the candidate status to the European Union. This will be the central objective of my mandate," said Marian Lupu then.