The topics related to regional security and signing the agreement on joint border control - are two important elements achieved during the visit of the Prime Minister Pavel Filip, in Kiev. This is the opinion of the former first deputy prime minister and deputy minister of Foreign Affairs, Eugen Carpov, currently the deputy chairman of PPEM.

Eugen Carpov stated for Deschide.MD that all the topics discussed in Kiev are important and that the visit does not appear to have been a courtesy one.

"Some topics are older such as environmental issues on the Dniester, the construction of hydropower plants. However, from my point of view the most important are those related to regional security. We can say that we are in a new period when Ukraine really understood the meaning of internal conflicts and aggression from another state complete with a takeover of territories. In this context, the relationship between Kiev and Chisinau should be a close," said the official.

Another important issue - in his opinion - is signing of the memorandum on joint control at the Moldovan-Ukrainian border.

"For Chisinau, the Joint border control is a topic long discussed and which finally seems to make some practical steps. Cuciurgan will be the first border checkpoint where Moldovan border police officers will be on Ukrainian territory. For Moldova this is vital to be able to control the entire territory and this could be a first. Tiraspol has always opposed to this issue," said Carpov.

The former first deputy prime minister and deputy minister of Foreign Affairs, stated that the President of Ukraine, Pyotr Poroshenko, is familiar with the the situation in Moldova, and this contact has boosted the dialogue between Chisinau and Kiev.

Asked by the reporters of Deschide.MD, why this visit happened now, Carpov said: it was rather a planned visit because apparently nothing serious has happened. I do not think it was just a courtesy visit. The visit is within that bilateral framework that must be between the two countries.

We remind you that Pavel Filip made an official visit to Kiev yesterday where he met with the Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, and the Prime Minister, Vladimir Groisman. The Head of the neighboring State noted that the Moldovan-Ukraine Commission meeting of trade and economic cooperation will be held this summer. As a result of this meeting, will be resolved the most important trade issues between the two countries.

Another issue addressed at the meeting was the creation of a joint green commission that will examine the matter of hydropower plants on the Dniester river. However, these hydropower plants would ensure the energy independence of Ukraine, but also to provide Moldova with electricity.

During the meeting it was discussed the issue of joint control at the Moldovan-Ukrainian border. In this regard a memorandum was signed.