Igor Dodon claims that his official visit to Brussels two days ago has impressed the European officials, "even if someone in Chisinau wanted that the officials would close the door to the head of state". The statement was made today at a press briefing.

Dodon is of the opinion that the discussions with Donald Tusk, Federica Mogherini, Antonio Tajani, Jean-Claude Juncker, and the Deputy Secretary General of NATO, Rose Gottemoeller, were "good and sincere".

"We had a very disscution good, honest. With Mrs. Mogherini we planned the meeting for 30 minutes, but we talked an hour and 15 minutes. With Mr. Tusk we were supposed to talk 20-30 minutes, but we talked for 40 minutes. With Mr. Junker, as well. I believe that these discussions were important to them too, not just to me. For them it was important to see what happens, because some from Chisinau tries to create a view in Brussels that we go to work every morning in a tank," he said.

Head of state also noted that as evidence of good relations can serve the agreement of the European officials to visit Moldova at his proposal.

"The acceptance to come to Chisinau at my proposal and my invitation proves that we have established very good relations. Maybe someone is invidious that he does not have such relationship, maybe someone expected that they would close the doors and he wanted this. They failed," Dodon continued.

In this context, we must mention that the European officials limited themselves to short messages of protocol (tweets) on meetings with Dodon, but Federica Mogherini ignored even this gesture of complacency.