The MEP, Siegfried Muresan recommends to the President Igor Dodon not be duplicitous in relations with the European Union and the Russian Federation.

Asked by the reporters of Deschide.MD, if Igor Dodon can be an interlocutor for the European Union after his statements in Brussels, the European official said that "the EU is accustomed to all sorts of dialogue with difficult interlocutors":

"The EU is accustomed to all sorts of dialogue with difficult interlocutors. Igor Dodon, is neither the first nor the last populist whom we meet. The European Union rules are clear and the day when he will understand this will come. My advice: not to be duplicitous, he should not think he can say one thing in Moscow and another in Brussels because it is not going to work," Siegfried Muresan said exclusively for Deschide.MD.

The MEP also reaffirmed that the European Union's commitments towards Moldova remain the same thurder:

"EU agenda regarding Moldova is clear: we want to help the citizens of Moldova and hope that Igor Ddodon would not be an obstacle. We have many benefits to offer to the citizens of Moldova in the coming years, if the agreed reforms are implemented," said Muresan.

We remind you that during his visit to Brussels, Igor Dodon forwarded to European officials that he supports the cancellation the Association Agreement. However, at a meeting with NATO Deputy Secretary General, Rose Gottemoeller, he said that now is not appropriate to open a NATO office in Chisinau. Dodon, also urged NATO to recognize the status of permanent neutrality of Moldova.