Igor Dodon said yesterday after meeting with NATO Deputy Secretary General, Rose Gottemoeller, that he does not accept to sign a decree to dispatch the military contingent of National Army for drills in Romania, saying that he awaits for additional arguments on the matter.

Contacted by Deschide.MD, the press service of the Ministry of Defence informed us that this exercises will take place from February 20 to March 1 to the polygon Smardan in Romania.

"At the multinational exercise "Platinum Eagle" 2017 will attend soldiers from Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine. Our military men are engaged in such applications since 2015. The exercise is held annually and it helps to develop national military capabilities of participation in peacekeeping operations," said the spokesman for the National Army Commander, Ala Diaconu.

Referring to Moldovan law, we found in the Law on National Defense the following provision: The participation of some units (subunits) of the National Army outside the country with troops, weapons and military equipment to joint military exercises with military units of other states are approved the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, or rather the President.

In this regard, the Ministry of Defence informed the president about the exercises that will take place and asked permission to leave the country.

However, it seems that Igor Dodon has no powers in this case, because in November 24, 2016 the former President Nicolae Timofti approved the Plan for outside activity of the Ministry of Defense and the National Army for 2017.

We tried to find from the Deputy Defence Minister, George Galbura, his position on Igor Dodon's refusal to sign the decree of detachment. The official answered that he knows nothing about the decision of the Head of State and the troops are preparing to go according to plan.

"I do not know where you heard this information. Our military men attend as planned in these applications that will take place in Romania. This are joint military exercises with the Romanian side. The exercises will take place, we are preparing the troops currently. Maybe the Supreme Commander thaught that something must be coordinated with the Presidency. Maybe there are no specialists in the field and they do not know anything," he said.

We turned again to the help of specialists in the field of defense and learned that this practice was used by former President Nicolae Timofti, even though he signed a general plan of action, he asked additionally to be informed about each case on the posting of military contingents abroad with subsequent confirmation of participation in military exercises.

Asked by the reporter of Deschide.MD, the former Defense Minister, Anatol Salaru, told us that at the legislative level there is no provision which requires that the head of state must sign an additional request to dispatch of military contingents for drills abroad, if it has already been approved a general plan of action for the current period.

"He asked, but it is not legal. He was informed in goodwill, because I knew that there would not be trouble. The legislation provides that once the president approves, then he is only informed," he explained.

Anatol Salaru claims that the current leadership of the Ministry of Defense intentionally transmitted the request to Igor Dodon, considering that it was necessary a simple newsletter.

"Ghimpu now pays Dodon's bills. I do not think that was a mistake. Mr. Deputy Minister did it on purpose to provide to Dodon the opportunity to make more anti-NATO, anti-Romania statements. Mr. Galbura, should know about this action plan previously approved. Is a collaboration between Mihai Ghimpu and Dodon to raise the the ball at each other's net," said the former minister.

We remind you that Igor Dodon was asked by the journalists yesterday after meeting with NATO Deputy Secretary General, Rose Gottemoeller, about his refusal to sign the decree on deployment of military contingent in Romania.

"We must be clear, to appoint a professional minister and then we willl see how we proceed. Such request (on the posting of the military contingent - editorial note) is on the table of the President. I asked for additional arguments. When I return tomorrow morning, we will see what are the arguments for participating in a mission in Romania. I did not sign it. We will clarify if we sign or not. Let's see why they should go there," the president said yesterday.

We specify that the soldiers of the National Army actively participate in military exercises in neighboring countries - Romania and Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defense does not have a chief after what Igor Dodon dismissed Anatol Salaru on December 27, at the initiative of President PL, Mihai Ghimpu. The Liberals have requested that the vacant position at the head of the institution to become the Minister of Environment, Valeriu Munteanu, but the president believes that at ministry's leadership must come a "professional and a patriot".