Leader of the PLDM, Viorel Cibotaru, claims that by his statements in Brussels, Igor Dodon "wiped out the efforts, successes and our progress for years to take this country out from the totalitarian past." In a posting on the Facebook the Liberal Democrat writes that Dodon's "stupidities" from the meeting with NATO Deputy Secretary General, Rose Gottemoeller, will have "adverse consequences for future years."

"Igor Dodon, educated, raised, promoted and supported by the current leader of the Democratic Party, Vlad Plahotniuc, beginning with the PCRM nursery, and then in the PSRM greenhouses, gave yesterday a "death blow" in Brussels, in the lair of world imperialism, at the NATO headquarters. I know for sure that almost all Dodon's interlocutors in the capital of Europe know the subtleties of this game - DODON vs PD and the "European" governance, but with the same certainty I know that thousands of MPs, governors and ordinary citizens from EU Member States and NATO have no idea of these two protagonists of Moldovan politics and will swallow the stupidities of the Socialist president as a position of Moldova, with all the disastrous consequences for future years," mentions Cibotaru.

Leader of the PLDM came with multiple lessons to the President.

"Only a few lessons, learned by Vladimir Voronin and ignored Igor Dodon:
1. There is no official NATO document, or documents signed by Moldova-NATO where NATO has not recognized the neutrality of Moldova. Neither NATO, nor the EU, will not sign any guarantees with Russia towards the neutrality of Moldova.
2. Not NATO, not the EU is interested in security and defense RM, but us, but otherwise than through a collective defense effort we will not be able to provide it.
3. For 25 years, in the country has not been illegally any foreign military men, except the Russian Federation military occupiers and their separatist creature.
4. The threat of expulsion of diplomatic mission of NATO is an AGGRESSION act and is treated like this in NATO member countries. Mr. Plahotniuc, Mr. Candu, Mr. Philip, do you want to freeze, trully, our relations with the West in the field of security and defense. Do you assume everything that will follow in terms of a fully unfolded global war???
5. Dodon said in the campaign that he knows what mean the powers of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. But he did not know, perhaps, that a supreme commander has no right to be neither a clown nor an "idiot" ( "useful")," wrote Cibotaru.

According to him, through behavior and his statements yesterday, "Dodon wiped out the efforts, the successes and our progress for years to take the country out from this totalitarian past, he played a provoking role, aware of some destructive processes not only for the image of the country, but also to our real ability to defend ourselves and to feel safe."