Moldovan diaspora in Belgium greeted Dodon with placards that read: "Dodon, Moldova is not yours."

Moldovan President made it clear that it will not initiate a cancellation of the Association Agreement, because he can not do this, but will support the revision of the document, which generated contradictory discussions with representatives of the diaspora.

Igor Dodon also was asked what he did as president so far to fight corruption, but also to return the billion stolen. The head of state said that the government has limited his powers and, "if necessary, he will go to the referendum as well so the billion theft would not be placed on the shoulders of citizens"; or he will be "forced to dissolve the Parliament."  

The president was asked why he pulled the EU flag from the Presidency building?

"In the Moldovan constitution is indicated that the EU flag should be on the national edifices, we are part of CSI; why we should not put flags on the state buildings CSI? As some Europeans told me and here, that yes, Mr. Dodon, you are right, because it is a discredit to put an EU flag on the institutions that are full of corruption," the president said.

Dodon was asked how he finances his party and how he pays his credit which he has in the bank, the President replied that he does not violate the law and all sources of income are public.

"Not long ago I submitted my income statement, and the statement of conflict of interest," was the answer of the President.

Later the conversation was a bit tense because the person who asked the question wanted embodiments about accounts in the Bahamas and what he connections has with them. In response, the president replied: "Again with lies! We do not violate the law as it does Maia Sandu and who is financed by Shor".

The head of state also was asked about the indications received in Moscow on Moldova's relations with the European Union, to which he replied that he did not receive any instructions and that this is his position.

We remind you that Igor Dodon went to Brussels in a 3-day official visit. The agenda included several meetings with senior European officials such as Donald Tusk, Federica Mogherini, Antonio Tajani, Jean-Claude Junker and NATO leadership.

This was the second official visit the President Igor Dodon, the first being in Moscow. At his meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Moldovan president said that the PSRM will win parliamentary elections in 2018 and intends to cancel the Association Agreement with the EU, signed by Moldova in 2014.