Dodon represented the PSRM in Brussels not the Moldovans who voted - in the last parliamentary elections - for continuing the European course of the Republic of Moldova and the implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU, reads a press release of the Democratic Party.

We believe that Moldova should get out as soon as possible from this debate between pro-Europeans and pro-Russians, our objective is, now, to show what each of us can do for the country, so as to effectively use foreign assistance that we receive, regardless where it comes from. Moldova will be European in the way it will be modernized. It will has good relations of cooperation with the Russian Federation through the way which solutions will be found for our citizens who are there, but also through joint problem solving ability that partially blocks our economic cooperation. So, in our view, the foreign policy should not be limited to strong statements, but to promote effective cooperation with the development partners from which we obtain maximum benefits for Moldovans.

Therefore, PDM is condemning the way through which Moldova was represented in Brussels by President Igor Dodon. The statements that he made there are totally different from what states the foreign policy strategy promoted by the Government and Parliamentary majority, they are contrary to the interest of the country and our citizens.

In order to eliminate possible confusions generated by recent actions of the President Igor Dodon on foreign policy of Moldova, PDM has already prepared a document of reconfirmation of the most important commitments from the development strategy of the country, including in terms of our external partnerships, such as the Association Agreement with the EU or the IMF program. This document will be presented within the Coalition, then debated and approved in the first plenary meeting of the Parliament this year, it is said in a press release of the Democrats.