A group of soldiers of the National Army these days should participate on military exercises in Romania, but Igor Dodon refused to sign the decree on detachment the military contingent. The information was confirmed today by the president in the press conference in Brussels after meeting with NATO Deputy Secretary General, Rose Gottemoeller.

"We must be clear, first to appoint a professional minister and then we willl see how we proceed. Such request (concerning the posting of the military contingent - editorial note) is on the table of the President. I asked for additional arguments. When I return tomorrow morning, we will see what are the arguments for participating in a mission in Romania. I did not sign it. We will clarify this matter if we sign or not. Let's see why they should go there," Dodon said.

We underline that the soldiers of the National Army actively participate in military exercises in neighboring countries - Romania and Ukraine.

We remind you that the Ministry of Defence has no minister after what Igor Dodon dismissed Anatol Salaru on December 27, at the initiative of President PL, Mihai Ghimpu. The Liberals have requested that the vacant position at the head of the institution to become to the Minister of Environment, Valeriu Munteanu, but the head of state said that at the ministry's leadership must come a "professional and a patriot".