The President Igor Dodon had today a cocky behavior at the headquarters of NATO General toward the media, reproaching and even accusing the media.

After what the reporter Alina Radu from "Ziarul de Garda" addressed a few questions to the president, in the hall resounded applauses, and Dodon reproached: "You may continue to clap your hands, I will wait."

Further, Igor Dodon did not stop and accused the journalists that they are exactly those who brought in charge the corrupt politicians.

"Exactly like this, the so-called independent media, that you represent, brought corrupt politicians in government who are now in jail. You brought the ruling pro-European governments, who stole billions in Moldova," Dodon said.

Responding to another question on broadcasting Russian stations in Moldova, the president has referred to the press again.

"I do not know where you've accommodated, but as for me, in the hotel where I checked in, I saw Rossia24 and RTR, which here in central Europe, in the EU capital, are translated freely. We should not impose on citizens what to watch. And the problem is not in the so-called propaganda, as you call it, the problem is inside the country, in corrupt politicians. We should not hide after some frustrations that some have. So be on peace, all problems will be solved and we will fight for it," added the President.  

We remind you that Igor Dodon is in Brussels on a 3-day official visit. The agenda includes several meetings with senior European officials such as Donald Tusk, Federica Mogherini, Antonio Tajani, Jean-Claude Junker and NATO leadership.

This is the second official visit of the President Igor Dodon, the first being in Moscow. At his meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Moldovan president said that PSRM will win parliamentary elections in 2018 and intends to cancel the Association Agreement with the EU, signed by Moldova in 2014.