The former Romanian President, Traian Basescu, came yesterday in a visit to Chisinau to sue the President, Igor Dodon, because he has withdrawn his citizenship in an "arbitrary'' way.

According to Deschide.MD sources, the former president landed on the Chisinau International Airport around 11:00 and after three hours flew to Bucharest. The former president was accompanied by Eugen Tomac, PMP deputy and four more people.

The representatives of the Romanian Embassy in Chisinau told to our reporters that Basescu's visit was a private one and according to the same sources, the former president was assured all the necessary logistical support as required by the Romanian legislation, referring to former heads of state.

In the same context it is worth noticing that the lawyer of former President of Romania, Traian Basescu told the portal business law from Moldova, Bizzlaw, that the first pleading in the case Basescu vs. Dodon will take place within five days after filing the lawsuit. The former president of Romania, Traian Basescu, will be represented at trial by the lawyer Andrei Bivol, from the law firm "Hanganu Tanase & Partners".

The lawyer also said that "once the rule states the contestation of President's decrees on citizenship, within six months since the issue to the Supreme Court. I followed the procedure prescribed by this law. Along with request for summons I filed an insurance claim also of the action by which we requested the suspension of enforcement until the resolution of the disputed decree matter."

Basescu's defense claims that the citizenship of the former president of Romania was withdrawn abusively and arbitrarily, and the decree of head of state, Igor Dodon, is not motivated enough. At the same time, although the European Court of Human Rights does not directly defend the right to citizenship, the lawyer Andrei Bivol argues that the deprivation of citizenship requires the withdrawal of all civil rights provided by the Constitution.

We remind you that the President Igor Dodon signed in the first days of January the decree through wich to the former President of Romania, Traian Basescu is withdrawn his Moldovan citizenship, acquired by him a few months earlier.