The Counsellor on legal area and institutional relations of the president, Maxim Lebedinschi, leaves the chair member of the Central Election Commission after the National Integrity Authority ordered that these two positions are incompatible.

Asked by the reporter of Deschide.MD, Lebedinschi said that yesterday he submitted the resignation request to the CEC leadership.

After the appointment of the president Igor Dodon and signing the decrees of appointing the members of the Office of the President, the Secretary General of the Presidency, Ruslan Flocea, addressed a letter to ANI on respecting the legal regime of the conflict of interest by the spokesman Ion Ceban, and legal counselor, Maxim Lebedinschi.

"I do not want to comenton this topic and to interpret the legislation. We will complaint at NIA and based on the received response, the decisions will be taken," said to the reporter of Deschide.MD Lebedinschi in late December.

We mention that there were several examples of CEC's members were working also in other areas. Thus, the former adviser of Nicolae Timofti, Vladimir Sarban, as well holds the position of CEC member. However, in the previous composition of the Commission, some CEC members were working as advisers of deputies.

We remind you that yesterday Ion Ceban announced about his resignation from office of the President's spokesman. The decision was taken in the context of a response from the National Authority for Integrity, according to which this would be incompatible with the office of alderman.