President Igor Dodon rejected ten of the 22 candidates for the posts of president and vice president of the newly created courts of law, fielded by the Superior Council of Magistracy. The Head of State requested the Council to additionally examine these candidates in terms of their integrity and compatibility with the interests of the public post.

The rejected candidates are:

  • Vitalie Zaporojan proposed for Drochia Court;
  • Sergiu Osoianu – Straseni Court;
  • Veaceslav Suciu – Criuleni Court;
  • Mihail Macar – Hancesti Court;
  • Oleg Melniciuc – Chisinau Court;
  • Ion Rusu – Drochia Court;
  • Vadim Belous – Soroca Court;
  • Alexandru Parfeni – Ungheni Court;
  • Ion Nashko – Causeni Court;
  • Maria Chiperi - Anenii Noi Court.

In a meeting with the president of the Superior Council of Magistracy Victor Micu, Igor Dodon warned that the future court managers bear direct responsibility for the implementation of the justice sector reform.

“A profound reform of the judicial system should include not only structural-organizational changes, but also a more complex approach, new views and new managers,” stated the President.

Victor Micu has told IPN that he hasn’t yet received an official document about the rejection of candidates. When such a document comes, the rejected candidates will be able to apply again, if they want to. The candidates will be examined by the Superior Council of Magistracy and will be fielded again if they gain the votes of the 12 members of the Council.

Source: IPN