The governing coalition "stands out" of the bill on Advocacy. This conclusion was reached those present at the Council meeting parliamentary majority, last night.

Deschide.MD wrote yesterday, quoting sources within the coalition that "most likely that this project will be withdrawn or will gather dust on the shelf." Given the reactions occurred lately we were curious to know whether the subject was discussed at the meeting last night.

"Yes, we have discussed it and given the fact that it is a priority project for the Parliament and the Government, we will detach from it so not to incite the spirits in the society. However, I regret that many of those who told their oppinion have not been in its essence and have not seen that 80% of the project were actually privileges for the lawyers. The reactions in recent days have been very politicized ... " told us Sergiu Sirbu.

We remind you that the project proposed by a group of deputies states that current and former MPs, lawyers by profession, and could be licensed as a lawyer without qualification examination, a mandatory procedure for any jurist. The Democrat MP Sergiu Sirbu, who is not among the authors, but is a lawyer, say that such lawmakers, lawyers by profession, will be able to defend, absolutely for free, the rights of those who have delegated in the Parliament. Moreover, according to him, the project provides a considerable extent of the compatibilities of the position of attorney.

Among the authors of this project include the Democrats Constantin Tutu, Demian Caraseni, Corneliu Padnevici and Corneliu Dudnic; the Socialists Vasile Bolea and Alla Dolinta; the Liberal Petru Cosoi, and the unaffiliated MPs Zagorodnii Anatolie Nae-Simion Plesca, Stefan Creanga.

We mention that lawyers from Moldova have expressed their dissatisfaction with the draft on the law. "The state facilitates by all means the accession to the lawyers guild of all people improper to advocacy and, often incompetent, not to say legally illiterate," said in early January the lawyer Michael Gafton.

It seems however that the leadership of the Lawyers Union of knew about the project. The information was confirmed by the Union President, Nina Lozan, for Similarly, Nina Lozan confirmed that she met with several MPs and discussed the draft, which, subsequently, on 26 December, was registered at the Parliament Secretariat.

Initially, Nina Lozan stated that it was no meeting with authors of the document. Later, she mentioned that she met with the deputies Sergiu Sirbu and Ion Casian who would be asked to promote the draft amendments to the Advocacy Law, proposed by the Lawyers Union of Moldova (LUM). Not knowing whether or not the project will be registered in Parliament on December 30, the President LUM has come up with a response. However, the subject was discussed at LUM Council only in January 12.

At the same time, the member of the Lawyers Union Council, the Bar Association Chisinau, Emanoil Plosnita, claims that he was invited by Nina Lozan to participate in discussions with the deputies, but he refused, stating that he does not want to go to backstage discussions.