The Liberal Party leader, Mihai Ghimpu believes that the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, was inspired by the Liberal when he gave Igor Dodon, the map of Moldova.

At a press conference today where the Liberal Party presented the results after one year since they are at the Government within the coalition, Mihai Ghimpu said that Vladimir Putin, was inspired by the liberal.

Asked by journalists to comment the gesture of Vladimir Putin, when he gave the map of Big Moldova to the President Igor Dodon, the PL president replied: "I never thought that Putin, will copy me, I was the one who gave the Prime Minister Ciolos the map of Greater Romania. The other day, Ms. Alina Zotea gave to the President Klaus Johannis as well a map of Greater Romania. So the idea of the map is ours. If he copied my idea, he should give Dodon the map of Greater Romania but not the map Moldova and it would be better if Putin did so. He would go down in history."

We remind you that on January 17, President Igor Dodon has demonstrated before the media the historical map of Moldova and said that half of the territory of Romania is Moldovan. Igor Dodon did not refrained then from flaunting the historical map of Moldova, drawn in the eighteenth century by the Italian cartographer Bartolomeo Borghi after the Russo-Turkish War of 1790-1791 and given to the Moldovan President by Vladimir Putin.