The President Igor Dodon initiates the procedure for contesting the results of the competition election of Eduard Harunjen in the position of Prosecutor General. In turn, the General Prosecutor's Office spokesman stated for Deschide.MD that the Prosecutor General, Eduard Harunjen, does not comment on political statements. The head of state said that the rules of law that set the procedure and the limits of competition were defied by the Superior Council of Prosecutors.

As a reason, Igor Dodon claims that Eduard Harunjen, could not be submitted as a candidate because the law on General Prosecutor's Office prohibits to the persons that holds the position of member of the Superior Council of Prosecutors, the past six months to run for Attorney General.

“Even if the law stipulates that the prosecutors who form part of the Superior Council of Prosecutors were to be suspended from their posts, this wasn’t done and this casts doubt on their objectivity and impartiality for the simple reason that they were directly subordinate to Mister Eduard Harunjen,” the President says on his Facebook webpage.

According to Igor Dodon, in this position must come a person compatible with the function, held in a transparent manner. "I will make every legal effort to achieve this objective," said the President.

Eduard Harunjen, was appointed Attorney General by a decree of President Nicolae Timofti on December 8, 2016, a day after the Superior Council of Prosecutors has appointed him the competition winner for the position of Prosecutor General.