Gagaguz People's Assembly elected its new president. With a vote of 28 local deputies, Alexandr Tarnavschi was appointed the speaker of the Gagauz Legislative.

According to news portal, in the voting participated 31 deputies.

Alexandr Tarnavshi was born on January 28, 1977 in the city of Comrat. He did graduate from Tiraspol and the Academy of Public Administration under the Moldovan President. His specialty is an economist-accountant.

In the last legislature of the Popular Assembly, Tarnavschi has served as Vice President.

Alexandr Tarnavschi said that he has no political affiliation, but he is a member of the public organization "New Gagauzia" lead by the Democrat lawmaker Nicolai Dudoglo. During the period when Dudoglo held the position of mayor of Comrat, Tarnavschi was an employee of the municipality and even reached the position of deputy mayor.