The Prime Minister Pavel Filip says that the statements of President Dodon in the recent period does not represent generally practical risks, but each time, after such statements, the Government must neutralize these statements.

During the briefing where Pavel Filip presented the activity report in a year from his investment, the premier was asked by the media whether the statements in the recent period of President Dodon represent a danger for Moldova?

"I do not think there are many practical risks, given the Constitution, because all the statements that have been made so far and I suspect will follow also further will not have practical effects, directly, here in Chisinau. These statements can not change the program of the Government and of the parliamentary majority," said the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The Prime Minister also says that on the other hand the executive is placed every time in a situation to combat these statements, which takes effort and energy.

"On the other hand we got in a a bit delicate situation, because the Moldovan President is traveling abroad, has official visits and makes declarations and everyone is accustomed to draw attention to the statements of the President. Therefore every time after such statements, the Government requires energy to neutralize these statements and proves that in the country nothing is changed," said Filip.

The prime minister also added that in this context is a bad thing that politicians try to disperse the society.

"I said from the beginning that I want to have a cooperation with the  Moldovan President. All political forces, declaratively are stating that they want to work for the good of citizens and then through communication it can be found this common ground for citizens to see the change. For too long the politicians have divided the Moldovan society and is a very bad thing because in the talks must be made topics that unite the society, regardless of ethnicity, regardless of the language they speak," concluded the Head of Government.

In his speech, Pavel Filip noted that there were a series jamming of political in the public space of the last days, therefore reconfirmed once again the firm message for the development partners and investors: "I assure you that the vector foreign policy of the Republic of Moldova is European and both the government that I lead and the Parliament will implement the Association Agreement with all determination. These two institutions are totally responsible and have constitutional force to meet the existing commitments of our country."