The prime minister Pavel Filip say that the new President of the Democratic Party of Moldova, Vlad Plahotniuc, does not claim the position of prime minister until the 2018 election.

The declaration was made by the Prime Minister after submitting the report to a year from sworn in. Asked by journalists if Plahotniuc relies on getting the function of Head of the Cabinet of Ministers, Filip said that from what he keeps in mind, "Mr. Plahotniuc, answered that he does not claim the position of prime minister until elections in 2018"

The prime minister was also asked if Plahotniuc is a better leader of PD than his predecessor, Marian Lupu.

"It is a very short period since when the party leadership was taken over by Vlad Plahotniuc, but I am fully certain that Mr. Plahotniuc achieves all the goals that he sets, because he is an ambitious man. But in the PD we work together and I think the party will give the government all the support ", said the prime minister.

We remind you that on December 24 Plahotniuc was elected president of the Democratic Party at the eighth Congress of PDM.

At the same Congress, Pavel Filip was elected as the party's first deputy chairman of the Democratic Party. 

According to the website PDM, the Democratic Party is a center-left party, which promotes the equality, solidarity and freedom in society. The faction has 20 MPs and the deputy chairman of PDM, Andrian Candu, is the head of the Legislative. However, Pavel Filip, who also is the deputy chairman of PD, is the Prime Minister of Moldova