After a year of activity, the Prime Minister, Pavel Filip, addressed to the opposition parties, noting that they must be better than those of the Government but also to accept failure in election campaigns.

The statement was made by the Prime Minister at the press conference where he presented the activity report after a year from sworn in.

Philip noted That is the year 2016 That Shows That only success of can bring concrete results. The Prime Minister, Said That Also this year the government has been the target of Lose Control "hallucinatory attacks".

"Prove that you're better than the ruling parties. We expect from the opposition constructive ideas and solutions. A competition of good ideas for the people. The opposition parties must learn to be better than the ruling parties, learn from failures that they suffered in election campaigns," said the Premier.

Pavel Filip, passed in the achievements list the cabinet of ministers which he leads, the indexation of pensions by 10%, the increase of parental allowances, but also the minimum wage from 1900 to 2100 lei.

The prime minister said that in 2016 not the political or economic crisis has deepened, but on the contrary, it was laid the basis of stability. However, Filip acknowledged that the Government has debts and its sins, but he said that he wants a healthy competence.