PM Pavel Filip says that the statements made by President Igor Dodon on canceling the Association Agreement with the European Union remain only declarations at political level and that both the Government and Parliamentary majority focuses on the European path.

At the beginning of today's Government meeting Prime Minister said that yesterday and today he was put in a position to make further clarifications on the statements of President Dodon.

"Such statements will not have any practical application in Chisinau. The government will not accept anything like this. This agreement is one of our strategic pillars that underpin government. We have a liberalized visa regime, we have a microfinance agreement worth 100 million euros and if ordinary people didn't feel this investment it is not the fault of the EU but of the administration in Chisinau," Filip said. 

The prime minister also referred to the statement of President Dodon on a memorandum with the Eurasian Union.

"Declaration on Eurasian Union of Mr. Dodon is just a political statement that can not be implemented without the consent of Parliament and Government. I said previously both to Russian Prime Minister Medvedev and to President Putin that I do not see  opportunely a discussion EU - Moldova - Russian Federation. We have special relations with the European Union and other relationship with the Russian Federation. We will try to find the necessary solutions namely in this format. We worked together with the Russian Federation so far, we had a joint economic commission. I was pleased yesterday to hear that Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized the need for talks with the government of Moldova, given the powers of the President on important foreign policy issues," the prime minister said.

Deschide.MD recalls that yesterday the President, Igor Dodon said yesterday that PSRM will win parliamentary elections in 2018 and intends to cancel EU Association Agreement signed by Moldova in 2014.

Also, yesterday the head of state added that intends to sign a memorandum of cooperation with Eurasian Economic Union that will not be in conflict with other agreements signed by Moldova. Dodon asked Putin to accept Moldova as an observer in the Eurasian Economic Union.