The Moldovan President, Igor Dodon, said at a meeting with students at the State University of International Relations in Moscow that he will not accredit the new ambassadors proposed by the Government. Dodon stressed, referring to the Moldovan Ambassador to Bucharest, Mihai Gribincea that it is unacceptable for a diplomat to remain in office after making statements against the president.

Dodon, asked the Prime Minister of Moldova, Pavel Filip, how he is going to accredit the new ambassadors in the future, if the request he does not accept to recall the Moldovan Ambassador to Bucharest? The President stressed that ifthere will be more of this kind of disagreements between the President and the Government, these questions will be reflected in a referendum on the powers of the President.

"We had various initiatives towards the Moldovan government. For example, the Moldovan Ambassador made a statement against the president. Imagine that in a State, an ambassador who is appointed by a presidential decree, criticizes the president. What reaction should follow? Withdrawal! I proposed to recall the ambassador. I have a simple question to the Prime Minister - but how you will appoint the new ambassadors? You will need in two weeks to accredited new ambassadors - 20-30 ambassadors. Do you think I'll sign your decrees? " said Igor Dodon, at the meeting with students at MGIMO.

We remind you that the Ambassador Michael Gribincea said in a broadcast on Digi24 that the dispute over the Moldovan citizenship of the former President of Romania, Traian Basescu, can not shake the overall bilateral relations between Romania and Moldova. Gribincea said then that the field experts say the chances of this decree to be unconstitutional are considered very high.

"We have some political relations, but also the level of society, very intense, who do not believe that it may be influenced very much by this decree," said Michael Gribincea at the show on Digi24, referring to Dodon's decree on lifting the Moldovan citizenship to Traian Basescu.