The Presidency spokesman, Ion Ceban, came with a reaction on his Facebook page to the statement of the Democratic Party that say that they will defend politically the Association Agreement with the European Union.

Ceban claims that "PDM has not yet understood that since December Moldova has a president elected by the people, who implements the wishes of the citizens. And more than a half of them believe that Moldova should be part of the Eurasian Union."

"The governments have negotiated the Association Agreement with the EU in secret, people do not understand what they signed there and they did not even see any benefit so far. On the contrary, the effect was a freeze of economic relations with Russia and many direct damage on citizens. The President promised to fix that and will make all that his function allows him to get the country out of a damaging agreement for his citizens. He will do this sooner or later ", concludes the spokesman of the Presidency.

We remind you that the Democratic Party announced today that it announces that it is "categorically against" the head of state's position expressed in Moscow on canceling the association agreement between Moldova and the European Union. The Democrats say that they are ready to "politically neutralize any attempt" in this regard.

In a press release, PDM announced that it strongly advocates for continuing the rapprochement of Moldova to the European Union and claims that the relationship Moldova - EU must remain the fundamental axis to our foreign policy.

It is also worth mentioning that today, in the framework of the statements to the press after the meeting with the Kremlin leader, Vladimir Putin, the President, Igor Dodon, said that PSRM will win the parliamentary elections in 2018 and intends to cancel the Association Agreement with the EU signed by Moldova in 2014