The majority coalition, and right-wing opposition claims that the statements of the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, during his visit in Moscow, counters to the interests of the citizens. According to them, the promises regarding the cancellation of the Association Agreement with the EU will not be realized and are only declarative

The MP of the Social Democratic Platform, the Vice-President of Foreign Policy and European Integration Commission, Sergiu Stati, claims that the statements of the head of state are made exclusively for the Russian audience.

"From the point of view of international law, the cancellation of the Association Agreement is impossible. The consequences of this step will have catastrophic consequences both political and economical. It seems that these statements were made for Russian consumers, and not for a skilled person," he said.

The PL deputy chairman Valeriu Munteanu, said that through his statements from today in Moscow, Igor Dodon, made a move towards "the capitulation in Moldova's federalization".

"Every bird dies by its own tongue. Igor Dodon being shy before the Czar of Russia, after saying the "Transnistrian conflict", corrected himself immediately with "the Transnistrian question", thus using for the first time, a new formula, rather than neutral, colorless, odorless and tasteless, a convenient formula only to the Russian Federation, a formula that, it might be the key to surrender the federalization of Moldova (proposed by the Russian Federation and supported by the servant - Igor Dodon, and the camarille), an obstacle on the European integration path of our state and safe barrier in the way of our union with Romania.

No, comrade, Mr. President, you will not succed," wrote Munteanu on his Facebook page.

The Party colleague of the Liberal, the President of the National Security, Defense and Public Order Commission, Roman Botan, says that of the head of state the statements contradicts the interests of citizens.

"He forgot that Moldova is a state associated with the European Union. Moldova's development direction has been chosen by the country's citizens in the framework of parliamentary elections," he told for Deschide.MD.

The PLDM MP, Iurie Tap, announced that the faction will convene on Thursday and will take action on the statements of Igor Dodon.

"The declaration on the fact that the Association Agreement has not brought benefits is false or another thing is the fact that the Government that we had and that it could not realize those opportunities that were open, did not make those deep reforms but they have imitated them, then things would have been different. But on the other hand we can take the example of a liberalized visa regime enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of citizens, we had a tremendous financial support that it may not been done properly but again is not the problem of the Development Department partners. I pray that they assume these statements but it is a lie, it is a political myopia, these are things that need to be named no matter what you choose. If they have a program they should realize it but not to manipulate," he said.

The President of PPEM, Iurie Leanca, told us that he would come later with comments on this topic.

We remind you that today in the framework of the statements to the press after the meeting with the Kremlin leader, Vladimir Putin, the President, Igor Dodon, said that PSRM will win the parliamentary elections in 2018 and intends to cancel the Association Agreement with the EU signed by Moldova 2014.

Subsequently, the Democratic Party has come up with a reaction on the the statements of the president. PDM announced that it is ready to "politically neutralize any attempt" to cancel the Association Agreement with the EU.