The Democratic Party announces that it is "categorically against" the position of the head of state expressed in Moscow on canceling the Association Agreement between Moldova and the European Union. Democrats say they are ready to "politically annihilate any attempt" in this regard.

In a press release, PDM announced that it strongly advocates for continuing the proximity of Moldova to the European Union and claims that the relationship Moldova - EU must remain the fundamental axis to our foreign policy.

"The Democratic Party from Moldova is categorically against the position voiced by president Igor Dodon regarding the cancellation of Moldova’s Association Deal with the European Union. We shall politically annihilate any attempt to cancel this Agreement.

But the PDM also views Moldova’s relation with Russia as very important for our country. That is why the PDM wants its Russian partners to be fairly informed on this country’s European commitment, on the links we have and develop with the European Union. Taking into account these things, the Republic of Moldova must have full openness to strengthen its relations with the Russian Federation, to enhance the trade indices, to widen the cooperation in the areas of economy, society, culture, science, technology and security," reads a communique by the PDM.

Democrats think that "no one should give personal vision on foreign policy during the official visits abroad."

"Moldova’s foreign policy is developed in Chișinău and is uniformly applied abroad.

In the same context, we consider president Igor Dodon’s initiative to sign a memorandum with the Eurasian Union lacks legal power, since there are no real mechanisms to carry out such a foreign policy project, as there is no social, neither political supporting in Moldova. This initiative by president Igor Dodon shall remain a political intention, as the PDM will use all leverage to reject such a move, that we consider unfriendly to Moldova’s interests," is written in the PDM’s press release.

PDM thinks that for Moldova joining the EU is the only viable and beneficial integration project, while joining the Eurasian Union is impractical and contains unclear benefits.

"In these circumstances, the PDM asks the Moldovan Parliament to discuss president Igor Dodon’s stances expressed on January 17 on his official visit to Moscow and issue a statement reconfirming the attachment to continuing the country’s European course," is stated in the press release.

We remind that today during statements to the press after meeting with Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin, Moldovan President, Igor Dodon said that PSRM will win the parliamentary elections in 2018 and he intends to cancel the association agreement with the EU signed by Moldova in 2014.