The President, Igor Dodon, said in Moscow that the political settlement of the Transnistrian conflict can be achieved in the next 2-3 years. Igor Dodon said that the Transnistrian conflict could be resolved in the early 2000s by implementing the Kozak plan. This opportunity, according to the president, was missed.

"Unfortunately we have already missed the chance to solve this at the beginning of 2000s. We believe that in the current geopolitical situation is emerging a new opportunity for a new beginning to resolve the Transnistrian conflict. During nearest 2-3 years, we will obtain a political settlement of the Transnistrian conflict," said Igor Dodon during the meeting with Federation Council Speaker, Valentina Matvienko, transmits RIA

Before the visit to Moscow, Igor Dodon, said that one of the major topics of discussions with the Russian officials will be the Transnistrian settlement.