The former Minister of Defense Anatol Salaru, said that Mihai Ghimpu would have said that if he the apologizes for his recent statements about the degradation of PL, then he forgives him and leaves him in the office. In turn, Salaru preferred to insist on his view on the the need to reform PL, he is aware that he will be dismissed. The statements were made last night at the "IN PROfunzime" on Pro TV.

Anatol Salaru said that Ghimpu's proposal was expressed during the meeting of the Political Council at which the former minister has announced his resignation as first deputy chairman of PL.

"Then, at the meeting, Mihai Ghimpu said that if I apologize for the mistakes that I made, he forgives me and I'll further be Minister. But I have decided to sacrifice myself for the fact that there is a very big problem, and this problem is called - Mihai Ghimpu, the PL problem," said Anatol Salaru.

On the same show he was asked about his new political project. Salaru said it would be a unionist party and it will certainly be the only one which will have full support from the political actors in Bucharest. Salaru was convinced on his experience of building a political party and said that he is discussing with the members of other unionist parties in order to strengthen on a common platform.

Asked who was also part of the team, listed Salaru the names of the two deputies who have publicly expressed their support for him - Artur Gutuc and Vladimir Cernat, but he said there are also other MPs whose names he does not want to say now. In his team is also listed Valentin Chilat, the chairman of OT Rezina, journalists, members of liberal clubs and individuals from many other areas.

"Those who want to form this party are people who have different professions, they are journalists, economists, university professors, who have been involved in politics until now, and now they expressed their willingness to be involved. It all depends on how we will further develop, we are just at the beginning of the path, I can not do big revelations, we go on the idea that this is not the party of one leader, but the party of all. However, I decided to form this party after I talked with the leaders from Romania," concluded the former liberal.

We remind you that, on Sunday, Anatol Salaru announced the creation of an initiative group that will set in motion the new formation. reminds that recently, Salaru had a meeting in Bucharest, with the former Romanian president, Traian Basescu, with whom he discussed about the need for a new political party, that will oppose the Russian Federation attempts to turn Moldova into an enclave of it.

The Moldovan President, Igor Dodon, dismissed Salaru, at the end of 2016, from the post of Minister of Defence at the initiative of PL President, Mihai Ghimpu, while the Political Bureau of the PL withdrew a month ago the political support of Salaru under the accusation that he had tried to break up the party. In response, Salaru said then that he wanted only to convene an extraordinary congress of the party, to discuss the performance below any expectations of Mihai Ghimpu in the first round of presidential elections in 2016.