The Democratic Party doesn't hurry to sign the initiative of the Liberal Party of the referendum's organization on the dismissal of the president. According to a statement of the party, Democrats expect arguments, and in the case of violations are ready to inform the Constitutional Court. Also, the President of the Liberal Democratic Party, Viorel Cibotaru argues that PL initiative is a selfish and populist movement.

"What started today PL is a premature move, selfish, poorly reasoned and populist, a contradictory one (if we remember how much diligence was avoided the referendum on the dismissal of general mayor of Chisinau). Then what, we ridicule the whole process and offer the chance to Dodon and hybrid regime from government to avoid a real impeachment after Dodon and Plahotniuc will handshake tomorrow with Putin and will "federalize" Moldova? So much patriotism!" Viorel Cibotaru wrote.

The representatives of the Democratic Party expect concrete arguments from the Liberal Party on this matter that should be presented to the coalition.

"We wait, at first, that Liberal Party will present to the coalition in detail the arguments underlying this initiative.

If there are elements that induce the risk of possible violations of the fundamental law, PDM could sign a petition to the Constitutional Court, as required by law in such cases, to ask the opinion regarding a possible violation of the Constitution.

Depending on the response of the Constitutional Court we will decide further actions along with Coalition's colleagues," PDM declared.

Deschide.MD recalls that today PL MPs presented a project on suspension from office of Igor Dodon and the initiation of the referendum's organization on the dismissal of the president. According to the legislation, to initiate the procedure of suspension from office of the president are needed 34 votes of Members of the Parliament. In this regard, PL came with a request to colleagues in the Legislative.