Liberal Party requests the suspension from office of Igor Dodon and the initiation of the referendum's organization on the dismissal of the president. According to PL leader Mihai Ghimpu, Dodon violated the Constitution of Moldova and must be dismissed.

At a press conference, Ghimpu said that the President has defied the principle of sovereign and independent state, unitary and indivisible, praising the new leader of Tiraspol with victory in the so-called "presidential elections" in the region.

"He defied the love for his people by laying flowers at the Cossack monument. Everything he started to do is in the detriment of Moldova. If he did this, it means he represent the interests of another state. We do not need such a president," said Liberal leader.

According to the legislation, to initiate the procedure of suspension from office of the president are needed 34 votes of Members of the Parliament. In this regard, PL came with a request to colleagues in the Legislative.

"We rely on the support of other colleagues," said Ghimpu, adding that this issue has not been discussed within the Coalition of Government.

Spokesman of president, Ion Ceban, claims that PL leader's statement is a simple frustration.

"We qualify the statements of Mihai Ghimpu as statements with electoral flavor rather than politics. We see them as an attempt to rehabilitate minor political raiting reached over the years as a result of acts contrary to the expectations of citizens and their voters.

As for the initiative of organizing the republican referendum on dismissal of President Igor Dodon as head of state, we answer to Mr. Ghimpu and others present in the government that President Igor Dodon is always ready to present for political judgment to the citizens," Ceban commented on his Facebook page.

According to the Constitution, President may be suspended from office by a vote of 2/3 of the deputies. The president elected by the people can be dismissed only by a republican referendum.