Constitutional Court (CCM) returned the notification from January 6, 2016 to the MP Grigore Cobzac, because it was made in violation of established competency by the Law on Citizenship of the Republic of Moldova.

Thus, the Court stated that Chapter 41 of the Law on Citizenship provides explicitly the procedure for contesting the Presidential decrees for citizenship "Presidential Decree regarding citizenship may be appealed in the Supreme Court of Justice within 6 months from the effective date".

Consequently, the legality of Traian Basescu's citizenship revokation is the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.

According to the Constitutional Jurisdiction Code, CCM only deals with the issues within its competence. If issues of the competence of other organs arise during the examination, the Court hand out these materials or communicate that to the parties and interested bodies, giving explanations.

Deschide.MD obtained the official response sent to MP Cobzac by the President of the Constitutional Court, Alexandru Tanase. You may see it below:

We recall that Traian Basescu and his wife Maria Basescu, applied in March for Moldovan citizenship. In June, the former president of Moldova signed a decree granting citizenship to Basescu family. Subsequently Socialist deputies have filed a complaint at the Constitutional Court on examining the legality of granting citizenship of Moldova to Traian Basescu, but this request was rejected. The Court decided that the complaint does not meet the conditions of admissibility for the constitutionality and therefore cannot be accepted for examination.

A week ago President Igor Dodon signed a decree to revoke the Moldovan citizenship of Traian Basescu. The document, however, does not refer to the former president's wife, Maria Basescu.