The Liberal Party has asked the Constitutional Court to express on the Article 98 provisions from the Constitution which involve the appointment and revocation of some members of the Government by President of Moldova in relation to reshuffle or vacancy office.

Thus, representatives of PL filed a complaint today at the Constitutional Court of Moldova (CCM) urging the interpretation of provisions of the Constitution. Liberals point out the provisions of paragraphs (4) and (6) of Article 98 of the Constitution.

These state:

4. On the basis of the vote of confidence granted by the Parliament, the President of the Republic of Moldova shall appoint the Government. 

6. In the event of the governmental reshuf­fle or vacancy of office, the President of the Republic of Moldova shall revoke and appoint, upon the proposal of the Prime-Minister, some members of the Government. 

"The Constitution does not say whether the President has the right to veto, to reject the appointment of a member of Government. We have requested the Constitutional Court to interpret in what circumstances the President may reject a candidate and how many times," said Liberal leader Mihai Ghimpu, after submission of the notification.

Deschide.MD recalls that Igor Dodon has dismissed Anatol Salaru as the Minister of Defence at the initiative of PL President Mihai Ghimpu. Political Bureau of the Liberal Party (PL) withdrew a month ago the political support of the former defense minister.

Liberals request the vacancy office as the head of the institution to be taken by the Environment Minister Valeriu Munteanu, but president is against this decision. He claims the leadership of the ministry must go to a "professional and patriot".