The former Minister of Defence and first vice president of PL Anatol Salaru, has resigned from the Liberal Party. The announcement was made a little while ago on his Facebook account.

alaru says that the reasons for this decision are many and generally known, both by the members the Liberal Party as well as by the society.

"The transformation of the Liberal Party in an LLC managed by the whims of Mihai Ghimpu, compromising and driving ridiculously the national ideals, the duplicitous game played at the presidential election, the refusal to accept the reform and opening up the party to new people, just to be able to keep the chair of the leader, are some of the reasons which were the basis for my decision," says the former minister.

We remind you that recently, Anatol Salaru met with former President of Romania, Traian Basescu. They discussed the need to create a new political party, that oppose the Russian attempts to turn Moldova into an enclave of it.

Recently, Igor Dodon dismissed Anatol Salaru from the position of the Minister of Defence at the initiative of PL President, Mihai Ghimpu. The Political Bureau of the Liberal Party (PL) withdrew the political support of Anatol Salaru a month ago.

Anatol Salaru was within the governing bodies of PL since the spring of 2008 when he decided to return into politics. Before that he worked 10 years in the private sector where he left, after he since 1993 to 1997 led the Reform Party - a party that would later become the Liberal Party.