Silvia Radu, who retreated at the end of the past year from the Chairman position of the Gas Natural Fenosa company and announced the intention to candidate for the post of the President of Republic of Moldova.

During a press conference, Silvia Radu mentioned that it is very important that the next President is independent from any political force from Moldova. 

"If there will be no intervention soon, with reforms and decided changes, the crisis could get worse and the consequences of it could be extremely bad. We all can see that the faith in the political class is very low. The people are disappointed by the politicians, the parties continue the war between them for interests that have nothing in common with the interests of the country... I do not think that the actual political class will change on its own. I do not see any will or interest for this thing. I do not believe either in the new parties created by old politicians... In my firm opinion the next President should be totally apolitical... We do not need a President that has a vulnerable past and can be blackmailed. The President that is elected by the people must be free when taking the position and remain free till the end of his mandate. He must not engage in any political project, to be a true mediator, not to divide the citizens by geopolitical standards or spoken language", stated Silvia Radu.

When asked about her geopolitical vison, Silvia Radu declared that she is not focusing on a certain vector and she wants to be the President for the entire nation.

"The people will decide the vector that this country will be developed. I believe in European values, I promote international standards. I am sure that the market economy that is promoted by EU available for Moldova in the case that the governmental institutions will be depoliticized and we will have technocrats that will be able to implement those reforms in our economy", stated Silvia Radu.

The fact that Silvia Radu could candidate for the Presidency, hinted the leader of PN, Renato Usatai, who announced yesterday in a video post on Facebook, that Silvia Radu will beat to a frazzle Maia Sandu. To be specified that the Mayor of Balti stated before that only partial they correspond to reality or totally were lacking reality.   

Silvia Radu worked for Gas Natural Fenosa since 2000, but at the beginning if 2008 she became CEO of the company.