The Liberal Democrat MP, Grigore Cobzac, filed complaints at the Constitutional Court concerning the constitutionality control of the Decree of the President, Igor Dodon, on the withdrawal of Moldovan citizenship to Traian Basescu and calls for its recognition as unconstitutional.

The MP claims that the notification was determined "by the firm conviction that Traian Basescu is a good and sincere friend of Moldova, newer and its citizen."

Cobzac, also mentioned the fact that the inhabitants of Hincesti district "appreciates the fact of the personal involvement of Mr. Basescu in the liquidation of flood consequences in 2010, in the area of the Prut river, of the Nemteni, Obileni, Cotul-Morii and Sarateni".

"It is our duty now to give him moral support to the President and citizen Basescu. The notification is based largely on previous case law of the Constitutional Court, that has been exposed in 2002 that the deprivation of citizenship due to political reasons is arbitrary, and on the provisions of international acts to which Moldova is party. The decree also infringes other constitutional provisions, given the fact that "concealing material facts" did not occur, and the public accusation in committing these offenses without court order violates the presumption of innocence," reads the press release sent to the media.

We remind you that Traian Basescu and his wife Maria Basescu, submitted, in March, the request to obtain Moldovan citizenship. In June, the former president of Moldova signed the Decree on granting citizenship to the Basescu family. Subsequently the Socialist deputies have filed a complaint at the Constitutional Court on the examination of the legality of granting the RM citizenship to Traian Basescu, but this request was rejected. The Court found that the complaint does not meet the conditions of admissibility for the constitutionality and, therefore, it can not be accepted for examination.

Three days ago, the president Igor Dodon signed a decree to withdraw the RM citizenship to Traian Basescu. The document, however, does not refer to the former president's wife, Maria Basescu.