The Honorary President of PDM, Dumitru Diacov, shows discontent with the recent statements of the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, after a meeting with the Transnistrian leader, Vadim Krasnoselisky. According to the democrat, through his actions and statements, the President put the state leadership in a delicate situation.

"The problem is not that Mr I.Dodon was met with Tiraspol leader, but many overly generous and optimistic statements. He put not only himself, but all of us in a delicate situation. Especially over a certain time ..." wrote Diacov on his Facebook page.

We remind you that two days ago, in Bender took place the meeting between Dodon and Krasnoselisky. After this, the head of state said at a press briefing that the responsibility of the "two presidents" is to do everything possible for citizens to feel a material improvement and to resolve concrete problems of the people.

"Today we discussed many issues, including free movement of citizens, diplomas, the documentation, the license plates. Many problems has been gathered," he said on 4 January.

In turn, Krasnoselskii expressed his confidence that he would establish a constructive dialogue with the President, Igor Dodon, to help resolve "the existing problems".

The meeting between Krasnoselisky and Dodon was welcomed by the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, the Special Representative for Transnistria, Dmitri Rogozin. He reminded that Igor Dodon "is expected" in Moscow on January 17.