The MPs of PSRM, PLDM and PCRM criticize the results of Parliament activity in 2016. According to them, the parliamentary majority did nothing significantly during this period and only simulated its activity.

Asked by the reporter of Deschide.MD, the socialist MP Adrian Lebedinschi said that the parliamentary majority behaves like children looking to play.

"Nothing was done. A lot of important projects for the citizens were not discussed and voted in the Parliament. The parliamentary majority has simulated its activity. They say that during 2016, were passed over 200 laws, but if you divide them by 101 deputies and 365 days, we see that nothing was done in this period. Laws are developed and discussed for a long time, and a project which was invented and registered in two minutes can not be called a law ", he said.

And the Liberal-Democrat, Iurie Tap thinks that the Parliament "has not done a good job."

"A lot of laws, but their quality is poor. Some of them are really bad. Among these is the Regional Development Strategy for the years of 2016-2020 which is contrary to the Association Agreement. However, the opposition was deprived of an important tool, such as parliamentary control over the activity of the Government. Several times we asked for the hearing of the Cabinet, but this has not happened. This is contrary as well to the Strategy for Public Administration Reform, voted by the Government. Moreover, during the last parliamentary session we were supposed to have over 30 sessions, but the majority held only 50% of them. Here's what can be said about the results of the Parliament's activity in 2016," he told for Deschide.MD.

The Communist MP Elena Bodnarenco also remembered about the speed with which the laws were registered and voted in the Parliament.

"In the morning the projects were registered at the the Secretariat, then they were transmitted to the MPs and in the evening they were already voted. An enormous speed, but we do not work at the coal mines and such laws will not be functional," she said.

Two days ago the Parliament presented the statistics of the activity of the legislative body in 2016. According to the published data, the MPs adopted 236 laws and 279 other bills were adopted in first reading.