Renato Usatii is proposing to Maia Sandu to relinquish the attitude of a "political virgin" regarding other opposition parties, otherwise she is going to become a Robinson Crusoe in the Moldovan politics.

"With such a behavior you will be abandoned and sit alone as a Robinson Crusoe, only he had a dog, but you're not going to have any bunny next to you. Please, calm down. If you smell Our Party put more pepper in food and maybe your nose will be clogged. Think that Plahotniuc will release Silvia Radu [president of the Gas Natural Fenosa - editor's note.] who will beat you to a frazzle. Sandu does not understand that she is a shell for Plahotniuc, which he will destroy", he commented to a video post on Facebook about the refusal of Maia Sandu to participate in the Civic Forum scheduled for today.

Usatii also said that the nominee supported by Vlad Plahotniuc may be Iurie Leanca. 

"Today half of the Leanca's office are praising that he will be the next President. There is an agreement as Marian Lupu will lose to Leanca's advantage  Este o înțelegere precum că Marian Lupu va pierde în folosul lui Leancă who positions himself as a neutral candidate”, he stated.