The former President of Romania, Traian Basescu believes that today's decision of Igor Dodon to sign a decree on the withdrawal of his citizenship is "a political decision, which will later dishonor him."

Contacted by Deschide.MD Traian Basescu commented on yesterday's decision as a "purely political one."

"I do not comment otherwise than by the fact that we have totally different visions and that Dodon still wants Moldova to go down on knees under the hegemony of Moscow. I would like a Moldova that would go on the European path and - why not - a Moldova united with Romania. Dodon's decision is a purely political one, which will dishonor him in time. I'm an unionist and I cannot make anything to Dodon," said the former president of Romania.

Asked whether he will use legal leverage to keep his Moldovan citizenship, the former President of Romania, Traian Basescu said he will consult the possibilities with his lawyers.

"I need to find a lawyer in Chisinau to see what are the options of arraignment of the decree. I need to see exactly what the Moldovan law stipulates," said Basescu.

Deschide.MD recalls that President Igor Dodon signed a decree to withdraw the citizenship of Basescu family. The document came into possession of Deschide.MD editorial office. The document, however, does not refer to the former president's wife, Maria Basescu.

Earlier, the former head of Cotroceni palace said he would sue Igor Dodon, if he signs a decree on the withdrawal of his citizenship.

Former Romanian President Traian Basescu and his wife have obtained citizenship of the Republic of Moldova on June 9, 2016. They requested the Moldovan citizenship and submitted on March 8 an application in this regard to the presidency in Chisinau.

Basescu was saying since July 2013, after a visit to Moldova, that when his term as Romania's president ends he "may" request the Moldovan citizenship as a sign of respect and love for Moldova and its people.

Also in April 2015, Basescu was decorated by President Nicolae Timofti with "Stefan cel Mare" [Stephen the Great - Editor's note] order, supreme military decoration of the Republic of Moldova.

The distinction was awarded as "sign of deep gratitude for his special contribution to promoting stability, security and democracy in the region and for the constant support given to Moldova in the process of training key personnel in the fields of defense, security and public order," according to the presidency in Chisinau.