Anatol Salaru left the leadership of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and has said goodbye to the military personnel with whom he worked during his term as minister.

"Today I hand over the Defense Ministry command. Who would have thought .... I took farewell of the officers and military personnel with whom I worked during this term. In fact, I said goodbye to friends. I did everything in my power to improve the conditions of activity, to show the external partners that the National Army is a force from all points of view: military, cultural and human.

I thank all who, maybe were skeptical from the beginning, believed in me. Thank you for being honest and I thank them for that unconditional love for their country, and despite the mediocre salaries and daily problems, they exercise their unique missions with professionalism.

Officers, dear friends, I assure you all my love and respect, and I promise you that for me, as a politician, the National Army will always be a priority.

I leave with my head up, proud of the National Army!” said Salaru.

President Igor Dodon signed the decree on dismissal of the Defense Minister Anatol Salaru on December 27. "A few minutes ago I have signed the decree on the dismissal of the disreputable minister Salaru. Thanks to Mihai Ghimpu for this demarche and I suggested to do the same with other liberal ministers in the current Cabinet," said Igor Dodon.