The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, signed the legislative initiative on the cancellation of the law that the repayment of billions stolen from the banking system to be placed on the shoulders of the citizens.

In a post on Facebook, Dodon announces that he will not allow that "the stolen billions" to be repaid at the expense of the citizens.

"I reiterate my position on this matter – the stolen billions must be returned by all those who took part in the fraud, voted for or knew this, but preferred to keep silent. Numerous state functionaries, officials in charge from financial-banking institutions who were to combat this theft, but did nothing and preferred to hide it bear all equal responsibility".

The law enforcement must and will deal with this. The ‘theft of the century’ generated fluctuations on the currency market, weakening significantly the purchasing power of the MDL, had and continues to have significant repercussions for the state budget, led to the blocking of the growth rates of pensions and salaries. The population will feel the negative effects during a long period if the situation does not change in the nearest future", wrote the Head of State.

According to him, the Parliament should include an examination of a legislative initiative as a priority and to cancel the law that ascribes the citizens to refund the unprecedented theft.

„There are many other solutions, which I am ready to talk, but I am categorically against that current and next generations will pay from their account", added Dodon.


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