President Igor Dodon signed the decree on dismissal of the Defense Minister Anatol Salaru. "A few minutes ago I have signed the decree on the dismissal of the disreputable minister Salaru. Thanks to Mihai Ghimpu for this demarche and I suggested to do the same with other liberal ministers in the current Cabinet," said Igor Dodon.

"I remind that this Minister is the one who flirted with NATO knowing very well that we are a neutral country according to the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, he favored and stood in the vanguard of the appearence of American military technics in the Great National Assembly Square on the Victory Day, which can not be qualified otherwise than a challenge. He advocated and advocates openly for the unification of Moldova with Romania. He dismissed numerous professionals from the defense and security system of the state, replacing them with people close to the Liberal Party and unionist ideology.

All these things are categorically incompatible with the duties of a functional defense minister of an independent and sovereign state, which has clear clauses specified in the Constitution on neutrality.

Moreover, this person has been repeatedly accused in terms of damaging the heritage worth tens of millions of lei of the Ministry of Defence, the national public budget by selling the ammunition, dubious deals with weapons and material goods on the balance of the Defense ministry," Mr. Dodon added.

Asked if he would accept the candidacy of Valeriu Munteanu, as Mihai Ghimpu announced, the president said that he "will carefully examine the candidature." In his opinion "the Ministry of Defense should be a minister that comes from the military personnel. There must not be vets and journalists at the defense."

We recall that PL withdrew the political support of Anatol Salaru, accusing he was preparing a coup for the party. In turn, Salaru said that he requested Ghimpu's resignation in order to initiate a reform in the Liberal Party and save the party from political suicide.