Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase claim they have not given up the idea of a joint candidate of the right wing parties, even if they started to collect separately the signatures. At "In PROfunzime" TV show the leaders of the three parties said that the decision on the common nominee will be taken in late September, and Maia Sandu said that the exercise of selection will be based upon two internal surveys that are undertaken in this period.

"Two parallel things are happening now. On one hand we are collecting signatures to be both eligible as long as we do not know who among us will be the joint candidate. At the same time at least two polls will be conducted  in which we trust all three as a team. We will find out the results by the end of September. We measure many things there: favorite candidate, option two, scenarios for the second round. These are the details we need in order to take an informed decision and to know how to talk to our voters. When we decide who is the candidate, we do not start from candidate's A or B whim, we start from people's perception", stated Maia Sandu.

The leader of PLDM, when asked whom he will support, avoided to give a straight answer. "We continue our activity, we continue to explain to the people that it is more important for an unity to exist on the right wing", he pointed out. Viorel Cibotaru states that PLDM is not collecting signatures for anyone now. "We discussed with the secretariat and decided that there is no need of party's involvement at the moment. When the candidate will be decided, that will also be the PLDM candidate", he said.

The PAS leader, Maia Sandu, also mentioned that when we were speaking about the second mandate of Iurie Leanca, the PPEM President, he gave an advice - to not criticize Vlad Plahotniuc.

"If I am looking for a job, he is looking for a holiday destination. He was present only at two debates on the joint candidate and he cannot judge what was discussed there. I supported him when he was a Prime Minister, however I did not know he was discussing the problems from the banking system with Shor and Plahotniuc. At the moment I had believed he deserves a second mandate, he gave me an advice - to not criticize Vlad Plahotniuc. I was very surprised then. He said to me that he believes that Plahotniuc is the man who will develop this country and then I realized that we are thinking differently. Our paths parted there", afirms Maia Sandu.

At the same TV show, PPDA leader announced that he already has over 17 thousands of signatures, while Maia Sandu - only 5 thousand of signatures. 

Immediately, after they announced the date of the presidential elections, PAS, PPEM, PLDM and PDA announced they would band together in the elections and will come up with a single candidate. Subsequently, PPEM withdrew and Iurie Leanca said he will run alone, and announced that PLDM will not have its own candidate however will support the common candidate.