The Speaker of the Parliament, Adrian Candu, claims that the Draft Law that refers to capital liberalization can not be adopted until it is consulted with foreign partners, because Moldova already has an agreement with the IMF and is in dialogue with the World Bank.

During the debate in Parliament plenary, Candu, said that this draft law is not perfect as it is now and it will be adjusted with amendments.

"The law will not refer to the persons who have acquired certain assets from the crime, but only to people who capitalize the assets at a much lower level than the market, through this law we will provide the opportunity for them to capitalize their assets to the fullest," said the President of the Parliament.

Equally, the author of the bill said that the Ministry of Justice and the Prosecutor General already came up with a text that will be inserted into the bill when it will be the opinion of the government in order not to happen to legalize immovable, movable or financial property that were acquired illegally.

The Speacker also added that from this law will benefit and the Moldovan citizens who keep their money in off-shore areas.

"We try to give the opportunity to all those who used the offshore sites to hide their money to bring them back to the country, by paying two percent to the state, thus we will recover the money and they will come into the country and the budget will benefit as well from these 2%. We can not compel the people, it is a right," added Candu.

At some point the debates were discontinued when the PD deputy, Diacov proposed to be applied the Article 108, which stipulates that  questions are no longer asked.

We remind you that today in front on the Parliament several people - including the PAS leader, Maia Sandu - protested against the bill in question qualifying this project as a doubtful one. The Action and Solidarity Party leader, Maia Sandu, told the press that "this law will legalize the stolen money."